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Dr. Ken McCauley and his team are passionate about helping patients on their journey to wellness.

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Rochester Chiropractor is Committed to Total Wellness

From migraine relief to allergy relief and everything in between, McCauley Chiropractic has offered our patients a high success rate utilizing a complete holistic approach to health. With Dr. Ken McCauley and two certified massage therapists on board, McCauley Chiropractic stands out from other Rochester chiropractors.

Get Well Stay Well

Dr. McCauley explains, “Health care isn’t rocket science. The simple fact is, our bodies are self-healing and self regulating. Everything is controlled by the nervous systems, so the better your nervous system functions, the better you function.”

Our goal is to help your nervous system function at its highest potential.

Chiropractic care is one of the essential components of a long and healthy life. Whether you are 45 minutes old or 105 years old, it’s always possible to benefit from a better functioning nervous system.

Contact our Rochester office to take your first step towards a healthier nervous system, and a healthier you!


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